According to a petition presented at the meeting of the Presbytery of Northumberland held at Lewisburg on April 17, 1873, a group was praying for the organization of a Presbyterian Church at Watsontown, PA. The Presbytery appointed the Reverend J.C. Watson, the Reverend B.L. James and Elder Robert Laird as a committee to organize the church if the way was clear. On June 1, 1873, after a sermon by the Reverend J.C. Watson, the First Presbyterian Church of Watsontown was organized with 35 members joining.  William B. Bryson was elected and installed along with Dr. Joseph H. Hunter and Samuel W. Riddell who were elected, ordained and installed as Ruling Elders. Samuel Caldwell, Philip Shay and James L. Schooley were elected Trustees. The organization was called the First Presbyterian Church of Watsontown, PA.  In 1874, the present church was built at a cost of $13,000 and dedicated on January 5, 1875. The chapel was finished first and the services were held in it for some time. A pipe organ was installed sometime between 1881 and 1883. On July 15, 1917, after ten months of work, the congregation dedicated the newly renovated church. The main auditorium was completely remodeled, refurnished and decorated. The floor was raised at the front entrance and sloped to the pulpit allowing an unobstructed view from each pew. The ceiling and walls were frescoed in oil by Fred Shantz, one of the finest artists of Williamsport. Nine new Tiffany stained glass windows, including the beautiful large window in front were added to those already in place. A new brick addition was added to the chapel in the rear providing an infant department. The kitchen was added with the most modern conveniences of that day. The spire was improved with a new slate covering and topped with a handsome new weather vane finial and the entire exterior of the building was given a fresh coat of paint. Three handsome windows were placed in the Presbyterian Church the last week of July, 1925. One was in memory of Andrew J. Guffy; “The Good Shepherd” was in memory of the first pastor, the Reverend George Elliott presented by the Ladies’ Aid Society; and “Christ Knocking at the Door” was presented by Miss Reba Vincent’s Sabbath school class. Between 1937 and 1950 the chimes were purchased. In 1965 the interior of the church was once again redecorated. The walls and ceilings were repainted and improved lighting installed. The floor of Fellowship Hall was refinished and new electric heaters placed in two of the classrooms. The heating system in the basement of the church building was revamped in 1966 and an additional classroom created by installing a folding door. Also in 1966, the congregation adopted a new structural organization creating a Unicameral Board by merging the trustees with the Session.    In 1978 a new Education Wing was dedicated.  The new wing included offices, The Wagner Lounge, 4 classrooms, a nursery, and a choir room.    Since 2000, the pews had cushions added, the sanctuary walls have been re-plastered and painted, air-conditioning was installed, the furnaces were replaced by energy efficient units, and 6 of the stained glass windows were repaired by member Rick Wolfe at Watsontown Glass Studio.  In 2015 it was decided to update and repair the pipe organ in a multi-step process which was completed in 2017.