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Update on Covid19 Pandemic

Covid19 Update


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are suspending services and activities at First Presbyterian Church for the coming week.  We will send out further updates as they become available.  We hope you are enjoying the Pandemic Diaries that Pastor Paul has been writing.  Pastor Paul is also working on the possibility of putting sermons on the website and our Facebook page.  We will let you know the details when the logistics are ironed out. 

We are concerned about our finances (as usual).  Without services, we've had no offering and without offering, it is going to be hard to pay the bills for the building and our small, part-time staff that continues to do the business of the church during this trying time.  Please prayerfully consider continuing your regular giving so we can stay current on our bills.  

We would also like to remind you that your church is not completely closed to you.  If you would like to spend time in prayer and contemplation in the sanctuary, the building is open Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am to Noon.  Please use the door from the parking lot, and for your safety, distance yourself from anyone else in the building.  There is hand sanitizer (available in the sanctuary) or anti-bacterial soap in the Social Hall restroom.  The empty sanctuary is a quiet, calm place to feel closer to God and can be very comforting in times of stress.  Please use this resource to help yourself cope.

Pastor Paul is staying in phone contact with as many people as possible, especially those that must stay in their homes.  If you need to talk to him, you may call him at home or call the office during regular hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you need anything, please call the office or a session member.

Stay safe and healthy.

Pastor Paul and Sherry